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About Us

About Us

We’ve been making legendary custom boots since 1922

James Leddy began a tradition of building custom boots with an attention to detail that other boot-makers can’t match. He loved making boots. That legacy continues even after Leddy’s death in 2003, and is found in every pair of boots we make at James Leddy Boots in Abilene. We don’t just make boots, we LOVE making boots.

Each boot requires a minimum of 14+ man hours of labor to craft from start to finish. Every step is performed by hand, with only the occasional assistance from machines. Customers from all over Texas, the U.S., and other parts of the world have sent in their designs that have been turned into one-of-a-kind pieces of footwear.

These boots are not one-size-fits-all, either. We measure each customer’s foot individually and craft the in-sole specifically to that person’s foot shape. This allows for maximum comfort, even for people who swear they can’t wear cowboy boots.


Handmade perfection. Custom creations
from beginning to end.


Rich History & Custom Craftmanship

Al and Deborah Dos Santos, the owners of James Leddy Boots, are more than happy to provide you a tour, and will gladly share some of the heritage that permeates the air, almost as much as the rich smell of leather in the shop does. Receipts of purchases dating back to the 1930s still reside in hard-bound record books, some of which also contain names of celebrities that have ordered custom boots in the past. James Leddy made these boots from 1937 to 2003, and in 2008 Al and Deborah bought Leddy’s and continue the tradition that began decades ago.

Leather, crocodile, cayman, elephant, ostrich…….each material has its own unique look and feel. Couple that with the myriad of heel styles and toe styles, and the options for creating your custom boots seem limitless. However, with the expert advice that we provide, the process is less daunting.

It’s not just cowboy boots that can be crafted, though. Work boots are a popular item to customize to your feet, providing comfort when standing or working for extended periods of time. Leddy’s special “Al’s Safari Walking Boot” is a custom design that is a perfect all-around piece of footwear.

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